About Cherene

Here at Defy Gravity, we have many years experience in Pole Dance, Aerial, Bungee and Suspension fitness, and when it comes to the equipment we use and trust, we know what we’re looking at. We have 100% confidence that you will love our Bungee, Aerial and Pole equipment as much as we do – all of which has been carefully selected for its safety, durability and performance in our own studios as well as for our valued customers, ie YOU!

Based in Newcastle (NSW), Defy Gravity Online ships ANYwhere and EVERYwhere – in Australia, to our friends “across the ditch” in New Zealand and around the world.

How it all started…

Cherene founded Pol-arise Fitness & Dance – one of Australia’s first ladies Pole Dance studios back in 2005 and with her daughter Bailey built a strong network of studios around the country. In 2016, Cherene handed the reigns of the business over to Bailey, who continues to run Pol-arise to this day.

After moving from Sydney toNewcastle in 2016, Cherene continued teaching pole and aerial yoga classes and in 2020 opened Defy Gravity Fitness – a Bungee, Aerial & Suspension fitness studio for women.

Graham (her husband) has of course been heavily involved behind-the-scenes from the very start, taking care of studio design, set-up, purchase of equipment, as well as managing our Affiliate Studio programs.

Defy Gravity Owners – Cherene Thomas-SMITH & Graham SMITH

Working out from home isn’t for everyone, but maybe it’s for you. If you’re wanting to try it, I encourage you to sign up for a Defy Gravity Online Membership. I offer various levels of accountability, from as little as $8 a class.

Join other amazing people like you, losing inches, weight, and gaining strength from their homes. All you need is a Bungee Bar, a Yoga Mat and bottle of Water. And if you can’t give up your gym membership just yet, I’d like to think we’re affordable enough you can have us alongside your gym membership, and you can use our mobile site to do the exercises and workouts anywhere/anytime!

I am believing 2022 will be a year of health, accomplished goals, consistent workouts, and overflowing self-confidence!