Aerial Fitness

Aerial Yoga Fitness

Imagine floating weightless in a hammock, feeling complete freedom in your movement all while building incredible body strength, core stability, improving your flexibility and balance AND sculpting and toning your sexiest assets 😉 – that’s Aerial Fusion fitness!

An Aerial Hammock is the ultimate tool for strengthening, lengthening and realigning your body and for people suffering from back pain, the aerial hammock is often helpful as it reduces pressure on the spine.  

AERIAL FUSION is a Strength, Conditioning & Stretch based workout using traditional yoga, barre, pilates, strength, bodyweight as well as flexibility and mobility moves whilst supported by the aerial hammock. It is what is classified as a grounded aerial “work”out, which is what makes it so perfect and achievable for almost EVERYbody!

Suitable for ALL ages, fitness & flexibility levels, and the perfect compliment to our Bungee and Burlesque classes.

** Max weight limit in this class is 100kg.