Portable Aerial Rigs


Take flight with our fully Height Adjustable and Portable Aerial Rig – the perfect solution to practice aerial arts anywhere. This is a multi-use rig suitable for all of your aerial needs – Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Lyra, or for Boxing or Pull-up training. It’s designed for portability -take it to parks, festivals, events; use at home, outdoors, or in the studio. 

This rig is an A-Frame style, made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy; it’s strong, sturdy, yet light enough to travel. It is completely height adjustable from 5ft (152cm) up to 11ft (335cm) in 3-5 inch increments – this means you can fit it in short ceilings when using indoors, and expand to maximum height when using outdoors.

To attach your hammock, silks, hoop or trapeze, simply attach your gear directly to the aerial rig to one of the two included Top Bar Connectors (not found on cheaper rigs on the market). These Connectors make the most of limited heights and can be moved around so you can use the A-Frame for multiple disciplines. 


  • Stainless Steel Top Bar:  1pcs 1.4meters
  • Telescopic Legs: 4 pcs 1.6meters. (The size in between each height hole: 15cm) 
  • Tension Steel D-Pins: 12 pcs.  
  • Nylon Stabilizing Belts: 2 pcs (Black)
  • Top Bar Connectors: 2 pcs (Fully adjustable or removable for easy rigging)
  • Hex Key Wrench: 1pcs
  • Leg Connectors: 2pcs
  • Silicone pads: 4pcs (Assembled on the bottom of the feet to prevent floor damage) 
  • 2 Carrying Bags (optional, choose from the drop-down menu)

PRICING: $1395.00 (Au) + shipping